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Graduation 2009

June 7, 2009

graduation 2009


I have just finished my final semester of my bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Art History.

Ok, so I haven’t actually graduated, the ceremony and the gowns and all that jazz isn’t until August, but I’ve finished all my essays and I’m feeling totally free for the first time in four and a half years!

So what’s next? If you’re finishing up a degree or certificate or whatever, this is the number 1 question you’ll be asked. Not to mention the number 1 question you’ll ask yourself. What’s next? What’s the plan?

If you’re lucky you’ll already have an answer, and one that’s true to YOU. However, for the majority of us that’s not the case. It’s important that each person takes the time to think about this question, really THINK about what then next step is. Just as your academic career ends you’re being given a new beginning and an opportunity to start something special. Just what that something is, is up to you. Finding direction is an ongoing process. I’m 26 and I think I’m only just working it out now. 

This takes a long time, if not forever. Once upon a time a career was for life, but now we’re all Renaissance men and women wielding a tool bag FULL of crazy varied skills. Throughout our lifetimes we’ll make money in a variety of ways doing a variety of things. 

I’m keeping my day job and using the rest of the year to formulate my ‘what’s next’ and I have big plans, BIG PLANS I tell you! And I’m hella excited! 

What plans are YOU excited about right now?

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