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Behind Ballet

June 29, 2009


Ok, so honestly, I’ve never acctually watched a ballet. Either in person, or taped, or dvd or on T.V, nothing. My obsession is not exactly about the movement, the dance, the music or the story. My obsession is with the female dancers, their grace, poses and their costumes, more specifically, toes en-pointe and tutus. 


…Manon from BB…god I wish I went to see this, all the photos I’ve seen of their costumes are AMAZING.

Occasionally little things happen that feel as if these events were planned especially for you. Late one cold evening, on the tram home from work, I found a little flyer, on the floor, under a seat in a mostly empty tram. It was advertising a new blog started by the Australian Ballet. Ok, so this tram does go down St Kilda Rd, past the College of the Arts and Arts Centre, so it’s not that weird, but I felt super special finding that flyer. Anyway, Behind Ballet combines all my loves and interests, examining how the Australian Ballet, and ballet in general, relates to film, art, fashion, fashion history, costume, television, how ballet is influenced and influences all aspects of culture at large.

kirsty-martin_raymonda Also from BB

INSPIRED MOFO. I’ll be making my own version of a tutu sometime this week. Does anyone know where I can get some pointe shoes? Preferably not used.

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