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The Thing About a Woman in Heels…

July 8, 2009


❤ My brand new Tony Bianco babies ❤

What is it about high heels? I love them, adore, worship, fetishize (without all the sexing), and covet. I just spent my last hundred bucks (AUD) on these shoes when I clearly needed a new pair of everyday flats. I was literally at the laundromat and decided I HAD TO HAVE THEM. So, abandoning the spin cycle, sped off to the city, grabbed the last pair in my size (LAST PAIR!!) and shot back to put my washing in the dryer.

I felt that strongly about having these shoes in my life.

It was like a romantic movie, where the hero realizes he can’t allow the heroine to get on that plane, so he races off to the airport to enact a soppy scene at the departures gate, making all the hostess cry. The main difference being I was in torn jeans and a hoodie, looking extremely un-movie-romantic-scene-like, if I do say so myself.

I have more heels than flats, and I don’t even have a job where I can wear them. Each favorite pair sits out on a table or bench just so I can look at them, admire and swoon over them.



But the real joy, the real deal, is in the wearing. None of my friends wear heels and whenever I get a new, higher pair than the last they always ask the same, inevitable question asked by all those who do not dare, “But, are they comfortable? Do they hurt?” It’s the same question asked of people with tattoos and piercing. But these questions miss the point entirely. Compared to a pair of sneakers or thongs (flip-flops you dirty mind!) high heels are not comfortable, neither is being jabbed with a needle in the face, skin or privates. Often, there’s some pain (I’ve never owned or wore high-end heels so cannot comment on the comfort of the legendary names of footwear). But again, NOT THE POINT.

The thing about high heels is not how they make your feet feel, if you want your feet to feel coddled and dreamy, wear slippers. It’s about how they make YOU feel as you stride along, to the bar, the post office, the bathroom, your office, bus stop, or wherever. Wearing a pair of towering heels (kittens are not allowed in this discussion!) makes me feel powerful and strong. I feel like a tall, confident, glorious version of my normal short self. Wearing heels makes the everyday into an occasion. The ordinary into the extraordinary, the mundane becomes FABULOUS.

Is there an element of elitism in all this? Because wearing ridiculous shoes is something that not everyone can do, has the time to do, or is willing to do? Quite possibly. But, I think I’m ok with that. In fact to be fair, the sartorial signifiers of conspicuous leisure are all pretty hot and awesome, and experiencing a revival. Corsets, dresses, the bustle shape, crazy high heels, over the top make up and accessories, all traditionally the realm of wealthy women who didn’t have to work and could therefore get around in the most insanely impractical garb you could imagine (hobble skirt anyone?) But that’s a post for another day.

Homework: Wear your favorite pair with everything: any outfit benefits from the feeling that your fav shoes give you, and wear them everywhere. Supermarket, deli, coffee shop, university, doctor’s office, mailbox!


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