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July 20, 2009


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I have crazy consumerist cravings!!

I’m having this strange realisation that I can afford things now. Being a student and having an apartment that cost me half my pay every week meant that I had some pretty frugal habits. Magazines were a luxury, shoes worn until they practically fell of my feet, and heating to be used in only the most extreme circumstances. The more I earn the more things I find to spend on, hence THE LIST. Organisation is important doncha know.

– from left to right and from top to bottom –

❤Gucci’s Iman heels- leather and buckled awesomeness. The originals are financially out of the questions, but LUCKILY (or illegally, whatever) Tony Bianco will be releasing a knock-off pair (in lilac and black) in October. Check them out and out in a pre order here.

❤Sunny baby duck yellow, in anything, but particularly in nail polish form. Does any one else yet colour cravings? I’ve never really been into yellow, I think I’ve only owned a couple of yellow things in my lifetime, but lately I want soft pastel sunny yellow around me. It’d be a winter side-effect I suspect. Lack of sun.

❤Aqua blue Docs. Does this need explaining? I think not. The colour does match my Converse All Stars and my nail polish and my shower curtain and my mop bucket. I like it obviously.

❤Swirly petticoat &/or tutu. This one comes from here. LOVE. I want a princess prom big skirt that make public transport difficult because no one can sit next to you on the tram. I want to swish and swirl and swoon and spin in a massive amount of fabric.

❤Pink boots? Heck yes.

❤Every good mysterious woman needs red lipstick, a black pencil skirt and some sort of netting bird-cage veil that covers a pair of smokey dark eyes. I think Etsy is going to be the provider of this object of lust.

❤Vintage fur collar. I’ll rock the faux as well if its a nice colour. 

❤This watch mad me gasp out loud when I saw it first. IT HAS A MATCHING PINK FACE! ARGH! Seriously want times 100. Get it from Amazon.

❤Tiara, crown, wreath or whatever I can get that has sparkles and wil go on my head. Still haven’t found the perfect one yet. But I continue the search.

❤CAKE. I want cake. I want pretty cupcakes in my life regularly. Nuff said.

❤Miss Dior Cherie. *swoon*

❤I can’t find out who makes these complicated and shiny boots from the future. But I want to know, and I want to obsess. So if someone could fill me in that’d be ace, ok?

❤Yes, I want an iPhone. I want with a yearning I can’t rationalise. A lot, ok.

What’s on your list?


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  1. piirate permalink
    July 24, 2009 6:33 pm

    SHOE PORN! I quite literally just drooled a little on my poor laptop. Damn my lack of finances! 😛

    Also, cakes are brilliant. I have been trying to make more cupcakes but am not much good at the decorating part of it. 😦

    • Trixie permalink
      July 24, 2009 10:01 pm

      LOL Nicole, (ha! that rhymes!). You’re a girl after my own heart.
      The decorating part of cupcakes always looks deceptively easy, but is really hard to get looking right. I always get wobbly looking turd like mounds on my cupcakes, that’s when sprinkles come in handy!

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