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This Evening

July 26, 2009



The above is not an accurate representation of my Sunday night. But it’s close. Well, not really. 

My evening has so far consisted of beer, take away, prawn crackers, list making, just a relaxing night off.

My birthday is in three days, and I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to wear.  And I still don’t have a magnificent headpiece to wear. Nothing on my head!!!!! What am I going to do! My hair is a really boring dark blonde right now as I wait until I get the next round of foils. My boring blonde needs amazing accessories and I’ve got nothing. NOTHING



  • Taxes. Yes, must do taxes. Taxes = money. Money = good things. Money goes towards the trip to Paris in 2010. This = good.
  • Find my Mum a birthday present. 
  • Shopping with my sister.
  • Movie with a friend.
  • Decide what I’m going to wear to birthday drinks on Wednesday. 
  • Find insane awesome accessories for birthday drinks on Wednesday.
  • Help my friend with her blogging project. 
  • CONTACTS. I’m trying out new contacts. Yay!
  • Shopping.
  • Have an awesome three days off.

Three days off ahead and a whole bunch of things to do, all of them great.






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