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Birthday Outfit

July 30, 2009


Stolen from

Stolen from

Bad lighting, fuzzy images, slightly crumpled clothes? I must be taking photos before bed. Hurrah! 


It was my 27th birthday yesterday, so with a few friends I went out on the town. I got presents and cocktails and I got to be the most over-dressed person in the room, probably the pub and most likely the whole block! YAY! What more could a girl want?




















From top to bottom

Hat- made by Moi! Pom poms and buttons and ribbons and sparkles!! ARGH! Too cute.

Fake lashes with Diamantes from Miss X.

Empersand necklace by Isette

Sequined dress- Portmans 

Kimono- Made in Japan

Belt- Dangerfield, but it appears that Forever 21 have one just like it, here!

Stockings from the supermarket with the toes cut off.

Shoes- Tony Bianco

I had such a good time! I loved that everyone came out to hang with me, and I can’t wait ’til we get a chance to all catch up again.

Check out this article from Doe Deere Blogazine on this interesting age and the ‘quarter-life crisis.’ 

Me? I’m loving it! You finally move through the uncertainty and gain real clarity about what’s important to you. I just finished my degree and I’m marching towards my future, the future I create! And its BRILLIANT.

Next time: daylight pics with some actual focus and detail. I SWEAR.






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