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6 Things I Want To Do Before Winter Ends

August 13, 2009


Ok, so clearly I’ve got a month or so to go before Spring is well underway, but I’ve been going around telling all and sundry that Winter is my fav season and now here we are in August, the days are getting longer, the sun is shining and I haven’t actually taken much notice, or appreciated the season. Bad friend. 

Inspired by all the lists going around, for example here and here, I felt the need to make a list of my own. A very short and somewhat lazy list.

6 Things I Want To Do Before Winter Ends

Spend some quality time in museums and galleries. Namely the  Pompei exhibiton at the Melbourne Museum and Dali at the National Gallery of Victoria

Spend a day at home with rain on the window, sleeping in, green tea, chocolate and nowhere particular to be. 

 Winter layering! Embrace dressing up while dressing warm, rather than just throwing on a couple of hoodies and some jeans. Wear more dresses and tights and buy more scarves before I can’t wear them more. Finish knitting the scarf I started about a year ago, and start some striped mitten/fingerless gloves. Wear with GLEE. Dress up more. Remember in Winter you actually have options!

Relish in being snuggled up in bed under many blankets with warm flannel sheets and cosy (but slightly ridiculous) flannel P.Js

Love the fact that going for a run, or exercising, or moving in anyway is possible and much more enjoyable! I love to go for a walk or run in the rain. Do this more often. 

Save up for an air-conditioner, and prepare for what will surely be a horrid Summer. If I could have Melbourne without the Summer I would be supremely happy. I’m a delicate flower from the island state and the Summer here and the hot winds KILL ME.

Any other suggestions? Drop me line!




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