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Trixie’s Five Sartorial Rules

September 22, 2009



I’ve got a couple of opinions about a couple of things, as we all do I’m sure, and I’ve got a forum, and by gum I’m gonna use it.

Also my friends are sick of me mouthing off about my dos and don’ts all the time.

So I present to you, my five sartorial rules:

No Short Pants Legs

Ack! I can’t stand trousers that are too short. I had this whole thing written about precisely how long trouser legs need to be to make me happy, then I realised how anal it all sounded so I’ll keep the specifics to myself. You’re welcome.

Shape and Proportion

I’m all about balance and this one’s pretty simple: Volume on top means keeping the bottom half fairly streamlined and fitted, and vice-versa. 

The Aim is Little Feet

High heels and sneakers with a capped toe, like Converse All Stars, all visually shorten the foot and that’s why I dig ’em. I don’t know where my thing about having small feet comes from, it’s random and weird. 

Anyway, this small feet jive is why I can’t abide by the following: 

-Most types of boots under pants (unless there is some sort of lacing or detail or what-have-you to break up the expanse of the foor)

-Pointy-toed shoes. They also look like they’re annoying to walk in.

-Kitten heels. What’s the point?

-Kitten heels with pointy toes: MELTDOWN!! 

Take Care of Your Shoes! (Also known as Finger-Bone-Syndrome)

You know when the little rubber cushion on the end of your heels wears off? You can get that replaced. Please get that replaced. Otherwise you’ll damage the body of the heel, and the fabric, leather or whatever is covering the heel does that rolling-up, peeling thing. That rolling-up, peeling thing freaks me out. It reminds me of this:


A exposed finger bone with the flesh peeling back. That’s what it looks like to me. Yeeesh. Not to mention it looks tacky and disheveled, also it means that your shoes are close to ruined. 

Do I potentially have some weird issues behind this rule? Yeah, possibly. The point is that Finger-Bone-Syndrome is easy to prevent and in preventing it you’re saving your shoes and the money you’d spend buying replacements. And saving me some cold shivers and slight nausea.

Wear What Makes You Happy

Self-explanatory  really. 



What are some of your personal dos and don’ts? 


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