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Things I Love This Thursday

September 24, 2009


Happy Thursday everyone! This is a pretty awesome Thursday for me, it’s my day off!

So hows about a list of things that are floating my boat this week? Are you down for that?

❤ My new skirts! Buying clothes really lifts my mood, and it’s something I haven’t done for myself in a really, really long time. The skirt in the pic above was actually a dress that was masquerading as a skirt and top. Why? Why pretend that it’s two when it’s ONE? It makes no sense. So, snip, snip= skirt.

❤ New ideas, experimentation, and realization, and when the realization actually works out how I imagined it, AWESOME!

❤ Getting a bargain. Just bought a roll of fine chain that was tangled into a massive ball for super cheap. SUPER! So far it hasn’t been too much of a drama to untangle short bits as I need them.

❤ New listing in the store! Le Cadeau- Pink bow head band. I really love this one, and am going to have to make another one to sell in the shop so I can keep this one! 


❤ Um, excuse me, CUTE ! ❤

❤ Also: hot pink nails, my new moisturiser, GLEE, pink heart post-its, fabric shopping, trams, crossing things off my ‘to do list,’ writing lists, being blonde again and pink pens.  

So that’s my run down. How was your’s?

Here’s to the next week being as awesome as this one!



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