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Things I Love Thursday

October 1, 2009

le cadeau montage

Hi all! It’s good ol’ Thursday again, time to take stock, count one’s blessings, and formalise the gratitude. 

Let’s get it on

This Thursday I’m all about:

New headbands in the shop  Working nights so I have the days to trawl through my to-do-lists Making things making making  Having a creative outlet which means that now my ideas get to live, and more than that it means I get to have ideas! This book by Poppy King about finding and developing those ideas   Getting on top of my crazy eating habits: working weird hours and in hospitality means bad diet. Time for fixy fixy My shop  I just like to visit it and look at it and dream of maybe owning a real one some day  Soup, tomato in particular Planning my Summer wardrobe, so that I can think about Summer with excitement, not dread Hot pink nails, still not over it yet! Planning courses for next year Drawing again for the first time in years  Green tea with chocolate and Monte Carlo biscuits  Being inspired by all the amazing people you find on the interwebz  The fact that it’s almost time to buy a new diary! Mine got wet and is all warped and gross. 😦 It’ll be a Moleskine day to a page, hardcover, the big one. I adore them, the paper, the heft, the solidity. Love. When they’re brand new, clean, crisp and fresh, it’s a beautiful thing. So excited. And finally, I love writing these! Writing out all the things that are great right now really puts you in a positive frame of mind for the rest of the day, week, lifetime! 

I’m off for a walk to window shop and buy crafty supplies in beautiful Brunswick.

What are you up to and loving this week?


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