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The Round-Up

October 7, 2009


Conclusions drawn from the last few days:

-Hours go missing whenever I open up Google Reader. I blame Skull Swap.

-Days go missing whenever I connect to the interwebz. I blame myself.

-The sequins/sew-on gems/ribbon/whatever I want will, inevitably, be impossible to find. 

-When the weather man says storms, hail and showers it means windy but sunny. So don’t get your hopes up,

-I make cool things

exhibit AIMGP2899exhibit BIMGP2892

-I need to get out and socialise more! Make it happen, don’t wait for others to organize things.

-If you want to do something well you have to practise! Don’t just give up when it isn’t amazing the first time! (I’m getting back into drawing after a hiatus of about 5 years, cringe!)

-It is not necessary to go to the supermarket every day. There is perfectly edible food in the fridge. I don’t need to be so wasteful.

-If I knuckled down and managed to distract myself less I could have both a clean apartment and time to make lots of things. I have learnt this in theory but have no yet managed to put it into practise.

– Turning dresses into skirts is easy. Next victim:IMGP2887Yes, that’s dress with a shoulder wing, half cape, drapey thing. This little doozy is going to become a dress and a skirt, if all goes according to plan.

-Taking a hot air balloon flight over Melbourne is expensive. Like $300+ expensive. Add that to my list of things I really want to do but can’t afford right now (Restaurant Tram, Week holiday, Buy Crazy Shoes.) I probably can’t afford to do these things because I also learnt that….

-I can somehow spend $70 in a haberdashery. On ribbon. Mostly. Gah! 

 What’s one thing you learnt this week?


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