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Race Day Fashion

October 13, 2009
It’s Spring Racing Carnival time again. All the weekend paper supplements are offering advice on what to wear and even the most unlikely stores are stocking feather fascinators which will all no doubt end up ruined and hanging ungainly-like  from wobbly champagne-addled heads.
Here are my three ‘If-I-had-ten-grand’ outfit picks.
Spring Racing- Look 2New take on feathers! We’re all a little over the feathered fascinator, but this headdress takes feathers to an awesome new level of awesome awesomeness. Click the pic for product details. 


Spring Racing- Look 3

Neutrals and jewel tones: Neither of which are colours I would usually wear, but the headpeice is so delightful that I would totally work an outfit around it. Click the pic for product deets.


Spring Racing- Look1
Catwoman and the bath scrubber ball thingy. Blacks, greys, geometric shapes and botanical patterns. This outfit HAS IT ALL! I adore this dress and the headpiece, and the clutch, and the boots, and the gloves….. well, it’s all pretty swell really.
Now I feel like popping down to the chemist to try to find a scrubber ball thingy to work into a headband, I feel a DIY disaster coming on!

Race Day Essentials

❤Sparkling wine and strawberries. Clichéd, maybe, but definitely awesome. 

❤ A delicious picnic! Either pack one yourself or get a catering company like Creative Hunger (Melbourne) to do it for you. Make sure to stash some big bottle of water in your picnic basket. Red faced, dehydrated and drunk is not a good look.

❤ Betting small change. $5, $10, or whatever you can afford. I tend to think that gambling is a bit like throwing money out a car window and hoping it will somehow multiply and come back. But with a multi-million dollar industry, statistics and odds. So don’t go crazy with the rent money hoping to make a big win. 

❤ Sunscreen. Yes, even when it’s overcast, and definatly even if you have a big hat. You will get burnt.

❤ Bandaids. For blisters caused by new shoes bought for the occasion.

❤ A pair of flats. For hobbling home at the end of the day. 


❤ Metcards and/or Cab money. But don’t count on being able to find a cab or to squeeze on to the packed tram. Therefore perhaps you should get hold of a…

❤ Designated Driver. Best option for removal of selves from the race course.


All in all, going to the races is about having fun with your friends, being comfortable and feeling all kinds of classy and fabulous, so wear what makes you feel fantastic and bring with you everything you need to make sure you (a) have a great day, (b) don’t get too drunk and (c) can get home safely.

P.S: I seem to be under some heavy Queen Michelle influence in the headwear/mask department! However as much as I love (love!) her style, there are no thigh-high boots in my near future, I can say that for sure.

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