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Trixie’s Style Trademarks

October 14, 2009

After reading this article from the delightful Gala Darling I got to thinking about my style trademarks. Here’s what I came up with!

❤Hair Up.mosaic993e3f6c91e11fa811379dd45db8516e140b65f3

Always. Usually in a bun, on occassion, when I can be bothered to whip out the straightening iron, in a high pony tail. But not usually. This is for a few reasons, (1) It’s easier, no hair-drying or product necessary (2) my hair is way too heavy to do looser styles, (3) I think it looks nicer on me and (4) I like the idea that Hair-Up leaves something to the imagination, and when I have my hair down it’ll be a dramatic change. Kinda saucy librarian style, you know, she takes of the glasses and shakes out her prim bun to reveal long flowing locks. Kapow! Impact!

❤Bright Pink Nails.


I tried the red nail thing, I wanted to be that saucy mysterious woman in red lips with matching nails, but it didn’t feel right, not to mention that the red lips usually ended up all over my face.

With this colour I smile whenever I look and my bright and shiny fingers! Also, all the ladies at my local supermarket love it. So yay! 

❤I Only Wear Three Kinds of Shoe


Heels, Converse All Stars, and Doc Martens. Seriously, this is it. Ok, so also thongs for Summer. So 4 types.

❤Black Liquid Eyeliner

IMGP2068Not usually with sparkly falsies though. Maybe if I could wrangle them better.

❤ Also…

Drinking with straws; pink stationary and pink household appliances; little to no jewellry or accessories; wearing mostly black except for some florals; pencil skirts; skirts with tights; never using an umbrella. 

As the lovely Gala asked, what are some of your style signatures? Do you only wear red shoes, always have on a hat or get about in full Victorian attire? Are they unconsciously or consciously adopted trademarks? Share already!


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