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Happy Thursday!

November 5, 2009

Happy Thursday! 

Chez Fantastic has had an eventful few days! There were ups, there were downs, there was laughter and there was swearing. Quite a bit of swearing. Mostly at my contact lenses, then at my shoes and then, well, at most things. I possibly swear too much.

This week:

❤ I finished a new fascinator!



There will be better pics of it, some time next week when I get another day off. But that aside, I really dig it!

Check out its sea-anenome texturals!IMGP3931

❤ You Am I was great and I was hungover. No photos of that. No, no,nononononono

❤ My Melbourne Cup involved running, sweating, stressing and being freakin’ irritated while I worked my butt off. No fun. I did eat lots of lollies. 

❤ My SHOES arrived!!!


❤ My shoes were too small 😦



I’m loving:

❤ The fact that my skin is really clearing up. I still say that it’s water power!

❤ My beautiful sneakers, even though they broke my heart and will have to be re-homed. 😥 I have a new pair of the blue on the way, there weren’t any of the white in my size (waaaaa!)

❤ Family coming to visit on Friday.

❤ Setting goals, planning, scheming, and dreaming.

❤ My hair, my hair, my hair, a thousand times MY HAIR


Now my  Thursday evening will (will, will, will) involve transferring the designs for my Linden doilies onto the fabric and starting the ol’ stitchy stitchy, tidying up the apartment in preparation of my guest’s arrival tomorrow morning and working out the shipping fees for the shop because, ladies and gentlemen,  free shipping from has finished! O.V.E.R. OVAH! Now I gots to charge ya! Alas, it means I have to do maths and the working out of stuff. 

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work I go! 


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