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Absolutely Random Friday

November 13, 2009



  • I’m really getting into eating jelly (as in Jello) lately. It’s like my latest food craze.
  • My shoes are the same colour as that sky.
  • Speaking of which, I just listed the blue sneakers that didn’t fit on Ebay, so if you’re a ladies size 7.5 and you like crazy sparkly random footwear, then check it out.
  • Obsessing about The Secret Society of List Addicts.
  • Lace berets. I really want more hats now that my bad hair days are a bit more obvious.
  • Loving: the smell of those moisturisers that have fake tanning stuff in them. They smell like summer.
  • The heat wave in Melbourne just keeps going. Although last night it did drop to under 20 C.
  • I got an unexpected day off today. Hopefully I’ve made good use of it!
  • I’ll be making more of the little anemone hat I posted about last week, I should have done that today. But I didn’t.  The recipient did love it. So all is right with the world.
  • Found my old journals from when I was 18-21. Jeez, I was so tortured! But reading them served to highlight just how much I’ve changed and how much happier I am now. Lately it sort of feels like I’ve been asleep for the last 8 years, as though I am now awake and really being me and connected and aware. It feels strange but amazing.
  • My beautiful Cyclamen is suffering from the heat, it’s all wilty and grey. Wha! I don’t know how to fix it but I sure can empathize.
  • I Photo Booth. 
  • There has been another resolve to get my diet and exercise regimes under control, summer is coming and I want to be comfortable and to be able to wear whatever I want. I’ve made a lot of changes that I’m proud of  in the last year but I still have quite a way to go. Although I’m convinced that all the Coke Zero I drink will somehow end up being really really bad for me. I just know it.
  • Tomorrows forecast has been downgraded to 31C! The Bearau of Meteorology website cops a real punishing when it’s hot, I press refresh about 12 times an hour. But on occasion it pays off when they downgrade the forecast!


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  1. November 16, 2009 12:35 pm

    Jelly is pretty much fat free too! On a lot of diets you can eat AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE. Not a bad food crazing 😀

    I can never get mine to set haha

    Fab list x

    • Trixie permalink*
      November 19, 2009 11:52 am

      Oh YAY! That’s awesome, I already eat a fair bit of it as I try to wean myself off chocolate. I buy fruit and jelly cups from the supermarket cos I’m lazy!

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