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December 18, 2009

OMG it’s Friday! Less than a week until Christmas! Is everyone super-crazy busy? Work is hectic as everyone is having their work parties, I’m planning my Christmas day with my sister, trying to finish everyones presents, the Linden embroideries are probably not going to be finished in time, I’m redesigning my résumé and I’ve had to put the shop into vacation mode so I don’t have to think about it. Phew!  Although, let’s be honest, the shop still hasn’t sold anything yet, so it’s not a massive time suck! Point is- this time of year is freakin’ nuts. But it’s growing on me. This is the year I go crazy over Christmas and learn to love Summer. 

Speaking of love, want to read a list of things that I’m loving? What? What do you mean, why would you? Why wouldn’t you is the real question!

Ahem… These things are super-awesome.

My new camera. Merry Christmas to me!

Pancakes with fresh berries

Pink Christmas decorations

Wrapping presents.

How fresh my skin looks after a day of massive water consumption.

New diary/ new year anticipation.

The people I work with.

Having a budget Christmas by giving people things I’ve made and using materials I already have for gift wrapping.

 Giving away books, clothes and knick-knacks that are cluttering up my life! OUT! BE GONE! I want to only see things I love around me! This is still obviously a work in progress!

 My self-imposed internet hiatus. More time for craftiness! But this is also a not cool thing. I really do love the internets! I miss you internets! 😦

So summer has begun, Christmas in nearly here and I plan to enjoy all of this holiday season despite my lack of time off and previous intense dislike of both hot temperatures and  family-and-gift-centric occasions. Bring it on!

Next: Start reflecting on the old and planning for the new year. *faint*

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