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Thursday’s Epiphany

March 18, 2010

I was hauling my laundry up to the Sydney Rd Launderette at some ungodly hour this morning when a random dog grooming van drove past and it suddenly occurred to me, lightbulb-over-the-head-style, that…

Every hairdressing salon, bead store, stationary boutique, coin collector’s emporium and Tracy’s Mobile Dog Grooming is the result of a dream. A dream that is no more important, valuable or relevant, no more  better or worse than your dream. The only difference between you and Tracy is belief and action.

Belief and action. So fucking simple. Why does it take me 27 years to have these bloody epiphanies?

From today I will unwaveringly believe that I can do anything and I will start to take the steps to make my dream a reality. This morning I went to the supermarket while I waited out the spin cycle and loaded up on pens and notebooks. If I’m going to be a writer then I’m allowed to indulge my stationary hoarding tendencies. Next step? Find someone who will pay me for my words. 

What steps are you taking towards your dream today? Are you researching how to make it happen, enrolling in that course, talking to the bank, or writing the first chapter? Inspire me with your go-getter attitude! 




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  1. Gill Maguire permalink
    March 20, 2010 9:35 pm


    Did you notice that your fascinator is on a blog called Greedy Girl. The link is at It is the black and white zebra striped one. The author says she doesn’t know what she likes best the fascinator or the bangs.

    Love xxxxxx

    • Trixie permalink*
      March 22, 2010 7:14 pm

      I saw that and it made me wanna cut my fringe again! That was an ace fringe. Good times.

  2. March 22, 2010 2:26 am

    You are so very, very right. What an EXCELLENT epiphany to have!

    • Trixie permalink*
      March 22, 2010 5:47 pm

      Well, you’d know all about it as you’re already working on your dream! You’re quite inspiring Corrine, just so you know.

  3. March 22, 2010 12:43 pm

    Oh yes I’ve already enrolled in the course and had interviews. I’ve emailed pretty much every gym in Wellington (not even pretty much, actual EVERY GYM hahaha) if I don’t get a formal offer of employment from the job that said they would send me one, but haven’t yet eeek. I’ll get student allowance and work part time either way the studying is a step in the right direction. That’s a lovely epiphany and a lovely attitude dollface x

    • Trixie permalink*
      March 22, 2010 5:50 pm

      WOW! You’ve gone from woah to GO in such a short time! You made the decision, did the research and are now well on your way! A.Mazing.

  4. dollyasylum permalink
    March 22, 2010 2:24 pm

    Yes! Such a simple and obvious thruth when you put it like that! I’ve been in that frame of mind lately too.
    I decided just this weekend that i have been far too cautious for far too long. I’ve been wasting all my time and energy worrying about not being “proper” enough for people; worrying too much wether people will think i’m a “weirdo” for revealing my true self, etc.etc. WHY??!! I shouldn’t give a shit. So i’m deciding not to! Even just little things like, oh, i won’t say that, because *insert person* won’t understand it, or even sillier stuff like, “ooh, i won’t show anyone this photo because i look unsexy in it”, blah blah fucking BLAH. Who the hell am i trying to impress? Whose approval am i trying to gain? Why should I bloody need to worry about that crap?
    I’m attemplting to push my boundaries and step out of my comfort zone a bit in order to see what i’m capable of. It’s a bit scary, but also quite exciting and liberating!

    Hooray for epiphanies!

    P.s. am a stationary fiend too! Can never have too many notepads or felt tip pens if you ask me! officeworks= love 🙂 Enjoy! Now go and write- write like the wind!

    • Trixie permalink*
      March 22, 2010 5:42 pm


      Stuff what anyone else thinks, as Wil Smith’s mother once said in a Fresh Prince song- If people don’t like your yellow sweater then they weren’t your friends to begin with. Or more generally, why would you let the opinion of some fool who thinks you’re weird impact you when they’re obviously not awesome.

      Whenever anyone gives us a look, comment, or other non-verbal signal, we interpret it ourselves. We have no idea what anyone else thinks or feels, the only perception that influences us is our own. So I chose to perceive everything positively. If those people are staring at me then it’s obviously because they love my outfit, or they think I’m cool, or because they wish they were as awesome as me. It could be true. No way to know, but it will be true if I choose to believe that it is. SO, my point is (I think) it doesn’t matter what you do, how you do it, everyone who comments or looks at you sideways obviously wishes they were as cool as you!

      I love how your comments are always insightful and hilarious. Perfect combination

      P.S: Officeworks=crack.

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